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Hunting for puzzle games? Addicting Games has the solution! Replay classic online puzzle games and explore the newest puzzle games.

Here are just a handful of the puzzle games available on AddictingGames: Start with a classic puzzle game: 50 States. You get an empty continental USA, and are handed loose states. Can you put Texas where it belongs? Can you remember which one is Vermont, and which is New Hampshire? Need a heavier challenge? Pit wits against The Impossible Quiz. Remember, prior knowledge may be no help at all, and the solutions are both sneaky and obvious. When you want to solve some real life problems, tackle some escape games, like Escape the Bathroom. Everything you need to get out is in there, somewhere! If you are looking for more gravity in your puzzle games online, try out Sugar, Sugar. A constant stream of sugar pours down, and you create ramps and fences to aim the sugar to its destination. Sweet! Need more gravity? Try Red Remover, where you send red blocks crashing to destruction, while keeping the green blocks safe. Or puzzle through a world where gravity changes directions in Orange Gravity. Put your matching skills to the test in Jewelanche. Create chains of similar gems to eliminate them, and clear the board for spectacular rewards! Strut your massive vocabulary in Whizz Words Deluxe, where every round pits you against a handful of letters. Test your pattern recognition in Perfect Eyesight. Each level is a partial outline: can you estimate the proper position to complete the shape? Make some new connections in Wired. Link a live circuit from one side of the board to the other to power up the lights in the big city. But hurry; you are wiring against the clock! Try solving puzzles at impossible heights in Nuts and Bolts. You control a robot attempting to move through construction site, bringing bridges with you as you travel. High stakes puzzling! How sharp are your eyes? Try out some difference games like Errors in Reflection. Each pair of images is nearly identical. Your job is to find those subtle differences. Hints are available, but you don聮t need those, do you? And there are many more puzzles to tackle. Tip a block across a platform into a slot? Sounds easy, but Bloxorz will make you think twice about every move. Stack some shapes? No problem, except in Super Stacker 2, your tower has to withstand the wobbles! Building demolition? Sure, but in Building Blaster, your explosives are limited, and these buildings are tough!

From familiar favorites like Mahjongg to anxiety inducing games like Escape the Ladies Room, AddictingGames delivers all the free games you can handle. Grab a seat and start playing these ingenious free puzzle games today!

10 Bullet-Hell Games
Top Puzzle Games
5. Red Remover
Plays: 10,660
6. Mahjongg
Plays: 9,098
11. Tetroid
Plays: 5,243
21. 50 States
Plays: 1,911
Plays: 1,242
31. Spotle
Plays: 1,155
32. Solitaire
Plays: 1,134
35. Jewelanche
Plays: 1,035
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