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Age of Steel
Quaint Emerald
Protect your resources!
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16 Reviews
TheUBISOFTGamer123 (over a month ago)
it is almost impossible to beat that second heavy airship, the only way you can hit it is with an anti-aircraft turret, and you can't place that near the end of the battlefield
PntBy#s (over a month ago)
Game cheats
JohnMcFist (over a month ago)
When the biggest source of difficulty is that your units (mostly planes) just can't seem to hit the enemy units they're supposed to counter, that's a problem. Also, I built a bomber which flew right over 5 tanks without dropping any bombs, so that's not great.
Dzasta420 (over a month ago)
I've made it to level 5. You guys are just not that good. If this game was easier, it would be horrible, and I'd be bored. Still trying!! Don't GIMP the game!
David334310 (over a month ago)
JustinDeGreat (over a month ago)
The enemy ships in the middle zone are higher than your own ships therefore my ship barely skims the bottom of the enemy ship. It also take three level three birds to take out one level one enemy bird. The aim is super unbalanced but the gound troops are fine. Kind of.
Militia1 (over a month ago)
noooo! i didn't even get passed 2nd boss yet...
Rwall622 (over a month ago)
i can get to the the end of level 4, when the boss before the last boss comes his missiles go under my ships and I have no way of defending, I build the engine for horizontal movement but it doesn't move, how do I move the base? without adjusting for the second last bosses the game is unbeatable
Anonymous Human (over a month ago)
i really liked this game! spent a lot of time trying to enjoy it but i have to agree with everyone that its unbalanced and the round with the ship just ruins the game.. it would probably work fine if it was just delayed or allowing you to upgrade the anti-air or wall beforehand
Mattsgrave (over a month ago)
You guys need a timer for in between each round to help the player to prepare, because without it placing items is very difficult