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Deqaf Studio
Why not try evil for a change?
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5 Reviews
RockoClock (7 days ago)
This game is really fun! I like the simplicity of having 4 types and being able to upgrade those. The skill tree is good. There should be more detail as to what the skills do as it is confusing. Plus there should be a tutorial at the start or at least instructions like click to place, then choose defense to put down etc. This game would benefit from a native English speaker to help with the writing. Thanks for the fun!
hirojon (over a month ago)
GREAT game, imo. Suggestion: is there an explanation of what the abilities do exactly? For instance, "Aura of Immortality"...I'm not sure what this does exactly.
Husband_of_Stinky (over a month ago)
Russian software house so the 'queens english' is not expected So the end boss, is that Wladimir Klitschko or Vitali?? :-)
EmC2k1 (over a month ago)
This game could be really good if developed properly. It could rival Kingdom Rush and the likes. Unfortunately this game is a long way from being that good. You need to improve the design and graphics and please for the love of god, fix all the grammatical errors. This game is good until all the grammatical errors become annoying and confusing. It really detracts from the ability to create a strategy if you can't understand what the powers upgrades actually do.
Husband_of_Stinky (over a month ago)
Give it chance. It gets a lot more tactical after a few rounds. Worth it seeing past the trial run imo.